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  • La Fee La Fee Blanche Absinthe

La Fee Blanche Absinthe

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La Fée Blanche is a classic Absinthe Supérieure, distilled using 100% natural ingredients, in collaboration with Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder and curator of the French Absinthe Museum.

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What’s in a name

La Fée brand is French for Fairy, ‘La’ indicating feminine, which you may notice her within the La Fée eye. Absinthe historically is referenced as female and was sometimes depicted as a fairy, spirit or wrath…

What is a classic Blanche (white) Absinthe Supérieure

All-natural ingredients (colour clear), distilled in France. Central ingredient being Grand Absinthe (Artemisia absinthium) and having a classic strength of 53%abv.

La Fée is distilled using three artemisia plants at its heart: Grand (Artemisia absinthium) & Petit Absinthe (Artemisia pontica) and Genepi (Genepi Artemisia), Green and Star AniseFennelHyssopCorianderMintMelisse and more.

The Fine Art of Distilling & Blending

The eleven botanicals of La Fée Blanche are individually distilled (as opposed to a single distillation of all the ingredients together). These distillates are then carefully blended by the master distiller according to the French Absinthe Museum approved recipe. This method is much more labour intensive and time consuming than a single distillation, but the extra effort allows our Absinthe Supérieure to be replicated time and time again. Ensuring old and new cocktails can be replicate around the world.

Distilling in more detail

Both techniques (blending separate distillations and single distillation) were employed pre 1915 in France. The single distillation process (all ingredients distilled together in alcohol) will naturally vary from batch to batch – caused by subtle differences in the condition of the ingredients (herbs being dried at different temperatures, humidity levels, terroir, seasonal changes during growing etc).

Our experience shows the process of multiple distillations of separate herbs and spices gives us more control over the finished Absinthe. Enabling better consistency and quality, which is crucial when your spirits are so delicately balanced. A mere fraction of a change in one ingredient, caused by a natural variation, can upset the final balance of the spirit.

Natural Classic Blanche (White)

The classic style of absinthe was mainly common in Switzerland and has no second stage maceration. Ideal for colour sensitive cocktails and the classic serve does not require sugar as naturally sweeter.

 Verification of a true Absinthe Supérieure

There is one last stage before we are ready to bottle: A sample is couriered to Marie-Claude Delahaye (in Paris) and George Rowley, who test each batch, using their extensive experience of tasting Absinthe and their knowledge of the original master recipe. This starts with colour (crystal clear), then adding water to establish the depth of louche (white with a hint of blue).

Then taste and aroma of the botanicals that are released by the drop in abv through dilution to drinking strength (12% to 16%abv). In the event any aspect is not to our exacting standards, the distillery is advised of any fine-tuning required, a rare event as our experience has grown since our returning the distilling of traditional absinthe to France over a decade ago (May 2000).

La Fée is the only Brand to have the endorsement and direct involvement of the French Absinthe Museam and Marie-Claude Delahaye. A unique quality control procedure that applies to both our Absinthe Supérieure, Parisienne and Blanche.

Only following this approval is the distilled Absinthe sent for bottling in Paris, being our central hub supplying many countries across continents including the America’s, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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